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Welcome Consignor/Seller!

The Consignment Queens (TCQ), would like to say thank you for taking the time to register with us a consignor/seller. TCQ is excited about providing you with a venue to sell (for a profit) your unused items within your home. We enjoy providing you with an outlet for unused items that will earn the biggest return for the least effort. Let’s face it… setting up a garage sale or online auction is time consuming and the results are spotty at best.  Consignment stores pay only a small percentage of the price they set, and it can be weeks or even months before your items are sold and payment is received.

At TCQ not only do we provide a quick, easy, and convenient system for preparing and dropping off your items, but you will also earn a higher percentage of the sale price of your items than you would at a consignment store/shop.  And the huge plus is that YOU set the price for each item you sell.  Imagine all this without having to worry about rain on your garage sale day!

As a consignor you will enter and set the price for your items into our convenient online program from your own home computer.  You will then print out a detailed, barcoded tag for each item.  After you’ve tagged the items at your convenience you can drop them off at our sale location any time on the day before the sale.  We take care of the rest!  As shoppers select and pay for your items the barcodes are scanned and your payment amounts are calculated.  You can even use the online program to track how your items are selling because your totals are updated at the end of each sale day.
You have the option to choose which of your items should be discounted for our half-price sale, and choose whether to donate any unsold items to charity at the end of the sale.  If you choose to donate your unsold items you don’t even need to come back after the sale is over; we’ll take care of delivering them to one of the many great organizations we support.  Using the online program you can print a receipt of the items you donated.  By the end of the sale you’ll know exactly how much you earned from your items and can expect a check to arrive in one weeks.

Hopefully, you are ready to sell, sell, sell!

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