Acceptable/Unacceptable Items - 

Just about anything “kid-related” '

as long as it is in good condition.

Clothes Sizes:
Baby Clothes Sizes: Newborn – 24 months
Toddler and Kids Sizes: 2T – 6x (Girls) / 7 (Boys)
Girls (Ages 7-14) Sizes:  (7 -14) or 
(small – extra-large)

Boys (Ages 8-16) Sizes:  (8-20) or (Small – extra-large)

Acceptable Items List

Infant clothing - newborn to 18 months -

no limit on number of items 

Children’s shoes in excellent condition -

no limit on number of items 

Accessories in excellent condition

(caps, hair bows, belts, socks, etc. 

Baby accessories -

bibs, baby tubs, blankets, booster seats, changing table pads 

Bedding -

Sheets, crib bumpers, comforters, blankets,

quilts, complete crib or toddler bed sets, etc.

Furniture -

cradles, bassinets, rocking chairs, changing tables, toy boxes, dressers, twin/full beds. Due to recent CPSC recalls we can not accept any cribs manufactured before June 2011. As long as your crib was manufactured AFTER June 2011 we CAN accept it into our sale.

Dress up clothes, costumes and dance outfits 

Infant equipment -

exersaucers, strollers, pack-n-plays,

swings, bouncy seats, high chairs 

Dolls, actions figures,

Barbie's and any accessories that go with them

Children's books, videos, DVDs and CDs 

Nursery equipment -

monitors, diaper pails

Toys (with all their pieces and batteries) -

games, puzzles, learning toys 

Talking/Reading stuffed animals -

only plush animals that play music or talk 

Outdoor toys -

bikes, tricycles, ride-on toys, cars, play gyms,

playhouses and slides 

Nursing equipment - 

Boppy pillows, slings, nursing bras
Sporting equipment in good condition 

Safety equipment -

gates, locks, bed rails, wedges 

Children’s décor items -

wall décor, mobiles, rugs, lamps 

Feeding accessories -

new cups, plates, silverware, bottles 

Bath & Potty -

bathtubs, bath seats, bath toys.

Training potties that are in EXCELLENT condition. 

Maternity clothing in excellent condition 

Children’s seasonal items -

swimwear, roller skates, kids beach equipment.

Unacceptable Items

Clothing that is out-of-date, faded, stained or damaged

Clothing that is inappropriate for the upcoming season

Adult sized clothing (except maternity)

Undergarments (unless new in package)

Breast Pumps

Items that have been recalled or determined to be unsafe (Please check the "Recall Finder" on the website)

Small toys such as fast food kid’s meal toys or dollar store toys. **NEW** Any items that can be bought at stores like Target, even if they are sold as sets

Stuffed animals that DO NOT play music or talk
Any item with missing parts or batteries that affects the functionality of the item

Battery operated toys or Baby Gear without batteries

Used feeding or teething items -

pacifiers, bottles, nipples, cups



Prep, Pricing, Presentation


Our shoppers are looking for high quality items at a great price. Did you catch the high quality part! We inspect all items before putting them on the sale floor. Items that don't meet our standards will not be included in the sale (not matter how low you price them).

All items sold must be in working order and function as intended. All items will be checked at drop off and any items not working properly or missing parts will not be accepted. 

Having your items tagged appropriately and securely is key to making sure your items sell. 

You can find tagging supplies in a variety of stores or online retailers. 

Size-appropriate, sturdy plastic or wire clothes hangers
White cardstock/Inkjet paper (60-70 lb.) for your tags (Do not use regular copy paper or paper with a glossy finish.)

Look at your items in both natural sunlight and indoor light if possible. Some spots won’t show up in indoor lighting alone but become miraculously visible in sunlight. Checking your items thoroughly before you tag them will save you time. "Clean brings the green," so apply some elbow grease. Sunlight also helps take a fresh look at the overall quality of your item. Items should NOT be faded, stretched out, fraying, or pilling.

Double check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines and missing buttons. Replace missing buttons or sew hemlines if you're able to make the items look new again. Place all garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left (so that it looks like a question mark). Ironing is not required but pressed items look better than wrinkled ones. A spritz of Febreze will make clothes smell like new.

Shoes should look almost brand new and be appropriate for the season of the sale. All laces, straps, fasteners should work well! There should be no visible dirt on either the top or bottom of the shoes. 

We recommend fastening shoes together with a zip tie or ribbon so they won't become separated. Please DO NOT leave shoes loose in a box or Ziploc bag.

Please don't tie shoes together by their laces!  Remember how difficult it was to separate them the last time your child did this? A quick wipe down with Armor All will restore leather shoes to like-new condition.

Attach tag to the ribbon/zip tie you used to secure the shoes, or to an additional ribbon or zip tie. DO NOT tape the tag to the shoe, box, or Ziploc bag. 

Large items are typically big sellers - if priced well and clean. Take emotion out of the equation when pricing. Ask your most opinionated friend over and ask her to tell you how clean your items look! Check cracks and crevices for any leftover snack bits or dust from being in storage.

From Consignment Mommies "A good strategy for big item pricing is 1/3 of the retail price.  Search Amazon to see what your item runs new, [and craigslist for what it's going for used] Great condition? Bump it up a bit.  Well-loved?  Go for 1/4 of the retail price or less."

We most often see large items overpriced. An overpriced item won't sell no matter how nice they look or what the brand name is

Large toys, furniture, pack n plays, etc. should be as assembled as possible to still allow for easy transport. Consider adding a photo of the fully assembled item and mark the number of pieces sold in the tag description or on a separate attached piece of paper or tape.

Checking your items thoroughly before you tag them will save you time. "Clean brings the green," so apply some elbow grease. Remove scuff marks, dirt, crayon, food stains, etc. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will be come your new best friend! It works wonders on the surface of most toys, bikes, baby gear and more. A little effort to freshen up goes a long way when adding up the sales.

Small toys can be grouped and sold together in a Ziploc bag. Make sure that you securely close the Ziploc bag with packing tape and the tag is securely taped to the bag. All battery operated toys and equipment should be clean and in working order with the batteries installed. Small parts can be put into bags and attached securely to the main piece with zip ties or packing tape. Complete games and puzzles should be in the original box and taped closed.  

Double check you are selling the complete set without any missing pieces. (How frustrating would that be for a shopper?)

Check to make sure there are no stains, rips tears in fabric. 


Take your items into the sunlight and make sure they are not dirty, dingy, or overly worn out or faded.
If the item requires batteries make sure the batteries are fresh and the item is working properly. (items without batteries will not be accepted)

All items sold must be in working order and function as intended. All items will be checked at drop off and any items not working properly or missing parts will not be accepted. 

Check to make sure there are no stains, rips tears in fabric of any item. Double check nursing pillow covers AND the actual pillow! 

Check to make sure zippers and straps work properly

Would YOU use the pillow again?

Take a picture of bedding or blankets assembled before you take them down to sell. Make sure the photo is printed on a large piece of paper and is of good quality.

This is a great way to show shoppers that everything’s complete and in great condition without tearing into it.

Bedding and blankets are sometimes difficult to see due to the fact that everyone has different tastes. BUT, if priced and displayed well, you should be able to make some money. 

Boppies and other nursing pillows are BIG sellers if priced right and are clean. Check and double check for stains both on the cover and the pillow itself. 

ACCESSORIES & other small things
Small accessories do best when sold as sets. Group together smaller items such as socks, hair bows, hats, mittens, stockings, etc. Place all items in a Ziploc bags and tape closed with packing tape. Either attach tag with packing tape to the outside of the bag, or place inside the bag where it's easily visible. Note the number of items along with a detailed description of each on the tag. DO NOT OVER BUNDLE. Placing too many items in a bag will make it look cluttered and shoppers will pass it over
Follow all the same rules as for clothing. Make sure that everything is clean in good condition current styles
All zippers, snaps, straps, buttons, etc. are secure and in working order.

If your kids are anything like mine, coat pockets are like little treasure chests. Double check ALL pockets before you consign your kids' treasures!

Sports equipment sells well if it is priced appropriately. Place balls and small accessories in a Ziploc bag, securely attached to a larger item if applicable.
As with all shoes, cleats and sporting shoes must be in good condition and securely fastened together.
Sell boating and swimming gear during the Spring/Summer sale and sleds, ski’s, ice skates and snow toys during the Fall/Winter sale.